Jennifer Reitmeyer

Small Business Consultant | Speaker | Educator

Sample Speaking Topics

My presentations are applicable to business owners of all experience levels, from seasoned veterans to aspiring entrepreneurs to students. I'm authentic, honest and accessible, and I'm always happy to interact with event attendees before and after my presentation.

Topics and associated visual aids (presentation slides, workbooks, etc.) can be completely customized to suit your group.

Popular presentation topics include:

  • Bold & Brave: Incorporating Your Personality and Values Into Your Business
  • There's No 'I' in Business - Oh Wait!: Succeeding Without Sacrificing Who You Are
  • Moving Beyond Inspiration: A Real-World Approach to Business Success
  • Passion Meets Purpose: Designing Your Dream Business and Brand With Intention
  • Hitting the Right Target With Your Brand: Identifying Your Real Target Client
  • Finding "Your People": Branding & Marketing With Personality
  • Branding Basics: Develop, Promote and Live Your Brand Identity
  • Embracing Equality: Gender Neutrality and an LGBT-Inclusive Marketing Plan
  • People First: Creating the Right Team for Your Business
  • Sailing Through Crisis: Steering Your Business Through Personal Disaster
  • Making Peace With Your Enemies: Why Competition is Actually Healthy
  • Mistakes I've Made: Personal Failings On My Path to Business Success
  • How to Market Your Business Without Spending (Much) Money
  • Mitigating Monstrous Clients & The Art of Positive Spin
  • Networking 101: Building Relationships for Lasting Success
  • How to Keep Personal & Professional Breakups from Breaking You
  • Fake It 'Til You Make It: Positioning Yourself for Success as a Startup
  • Leap of Faith: Transitioning from a 9-5 to a Full-Time Business Owner
  • Organizing the Disorganized: Maintaining Order for ADHD & Creative Types

To inquire about my availability for your upcoming seminar, conference or industry meeting, please contact me.