Jennifer Reitmeyer

Small Business Consultant | Speaker | Educator

I'm humbled by what my clients and colleagues have had to say about me...

"Working with Jennifer was by far the best decision I have made for my business in the almost 7 years I've been running it! The overwhelming tasks of website content creation, blog posts and newsletter writing made my business feel less about photography and more about writing. I was always hesitant to hire a copywriter because of the fear that the writing wouldn't sound like my voice. After seeing one piece of copy from Jennifer, my fears were alleviated! She took the time to get to know me and my brand, and her writing is not only exceptional, it was also so true and authentic to who I am that I literally thought, 'I couldn't have said this better myself!' Jennifer is professional, super responsive, delivers what she says she will when she says she will, and overall is a great person! I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to take their copy and their business to the next level."

- Alli Elmunzer, Turquoise & Palm

"Jen is a rockstar wordsmith! I love how she can take my bullet points and craft them into beautiful content. Since working with Jen, I no longer have to worry about errors in my copy or whether my blog posts make sense. She makes content creation super easy and her attention to detail is really valued. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jen to anyone wanting to level up their game with their blog and social media content. Don't be surprised if you form a great friendship with Jen too - she is genuine and honest, and a wonderful person to work with."

- Teegan Nash, Verve Design

"Working with Jennifer was totally exciting! She was not afraid to tackle the tough issues, or call out 'the elephant in the room.' Jennifer helped me home in on what I could not see was a major obstacle to my brand - and helped me develop the strategy to solve it. I came away from our first meeting feeling more organized, more energized, and much more focused on how to take our business to the next level. I know now what I need to do in order to cultivate my brand, so that we'll stay relevant, and on top of our rapidly and ever-changing industry. She also changed the way I see and use social media in business, and helped me recognize the ways it needed to be utilized, to help keep us front and center. Consulting and collaborating with Jennifer was well worth the investment. I now consider her an invaluable part of my marketing team, and plan to use her services in the future!"

- Ashlee Wilcox Van Veen, Documentary Associates

"Hire Jennifer Reitmeyer of Firebrand Messaging. I'm telling you. She is talented, passionate, and kind. I had the absolute pleasure of working with her, and now I have amazing pieces of copy. She has a gift with words that takes the essence of your brand and the hot mess of thoughts in your brain, and is able to produce amazing copy that embodies the absolute soul of your business. When Jennifer sent the very first draft of my copy, I literally got chills. She's a magic wordsmith, and I highly recommend her."

- Kara Whaley, Business Strategist

"Jennifer is a magician! Working with her was one of the best decisions for my business I could have made. She understood my voice, brand, and personality so well. All the copy that she wrote for my website was my voice through and through. She's so efficient and responsive, too! Instead of dragging my feet and delaying my business launch, I was able to do it faster and more confidently with Jennifer's help! You cannot go wrong whatsoever with her!

- Veronica Yanhs, Creative Project Manager

"Before hiring Jennifer, I was having success with in-person sales conversations, but my online efforts were not working as well. I knew that the issue was really in how my message was coming across. I was SO NERVOUS to trust anyone with my sales copy, but I am so very glad that I hired Jennifer. What most impressed me about Jennifer is how much time she took to really understand my brand and the needs of my target audience. She also perfectly matched my natural voice and style. The end result of her work is a beautiful piece of sales copy that leads my perfect-fit clients right to my inbox."

- Karen Hoch, Market Blue Consulting

"Before working with Jennifer, I was struggling to get my copy out. I was nervous working with a copywriter, but after a phone call with Jennifer, I was confident I had made the right decision. She spent the time and asked the right questions to understand my brand and voice. I was thrilled when I received the copy Jennifer wrote for me, it was exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who is struggling to find their business voice."

- Katie Williamsen, Katie Williamsen Web + Social Media Consulting, LLC

"Jennifer is a professional business woman and emerging business coach in her own right. Sometimes in the world of event professionals everyone is moving at 1 million miles per hour so the availability of resources in terms of a sounding board and someone to call on for business advice can be lacking. I have found however that Jennifer is one of the few that will listen, share her experiences and then offer practical and realistic advice and recommendations that you can actually apply within your business. I feel fortunate to unofficially call Jennifer my "business mentor" because she has truly helped me out on a number of occasions to figure out how to take the next steps in my business to stay on the path to continuous growth. Anyone who selects Jennifer as a business coach, an ear to listen or just a colleague and friend should know that they have someone who is genuine and cares about how she can help through and through."

- Jon'll Boyd, Completely Yours Events

"I'm an entrepreneur trying to find her footing in in business and pinpoint how I can turn what I love into my job, and my business coaching session over Skype with Jennifer was such a big help. I feel much more focused and excited about what I can do. You can tell how genuine and honest she is, which I really appreciate, and just hearing that she was into what I'm doing made me feel more confident and like I'm on to something, because that's something I've wondered about a little - like can this even be a thing? I feel really encouraged that someone who doesn't blow smoke was giving me honest, positive and useful feedback.  Being on a Skype call for 2 hours COULD feel daunting or a drag, but Jennifer was instantly comfortable to "be around" and kept the onus off of me by directing, but not dominating, the conversation. Seriously Jennifer was SO helpful, and I'm so looking forward to touching base with her here and there as a boost and a check-in as I move through my career!"

- Kristen Rogers Anderson, Try This It's Good

"I was fortunate to work with Jennifer during a trying business time for our company. She gave guidance and coaching when I needing a fresh perspective regarding how to work out a legal and personal issue with a client. Having years of experience in the wedding industry, along with countless hours of client interaction has made her a wealth of knowledge that thankfully pointed me in the best direction for my dilemma. I have appreciated that Jennifer has always been candid and upfront about how to deal with client and vendor issues, and I honestly can say she has been someone I look to when trying to decide how to maneuver my business to be bigger and better."

- Tabitha Roberts, Roberts & Co. Events

"Jennifer has proven to be an invaluable resource for myself and my business. Finding ways to streamline processes and how to get the most out of my time has helped me tremendously. Running a successful business has given her insight as to what works and how to apply it to your individual situation to see results. She also approaches you in a way that doesn't make you feel as if she is tearing down where you have gotten so far. Solidifying who your brand is always comes first. Jennifer wants to help you grow and finding someone so generous with their time and knowledge in today's world is rare."

- Erica Cote', Silver Immersion

"Jennifer was immensely helpful getting me back on the right track when I had hit a slump. From helping me more clearly see my vision, I was able to create a clearer (and quicker!) pathway to where I wanted to go. Whether you're looking for a quick tune up or ongoing support, Jennifer has the tools to help break down the barriers to get you there. I will definitely be using her services again!"

- Lisa Robinson, Lovesome Photography

"Working with Jennifer has been such an eye opener for my business and me! When I first became a wedding planner I had a difficult time with identifying who my target client was and how to differentiate my business amongst my peers. I received this question countless times before but never knew how to answer it. After the very first session I was able to EASILY answer this question and I realized when new clients would ask me why I loved doing what I do, I was able to answer that question as well. It has made being a wedding planner so much more enjoyable! I would recommend Jennifer's coaching services to anyone starting out in this industry and to those looking to refresh their brand and their business. "

- Tiffany Rivera, Simply Breathe Events

"As a wedding vendor in one of the nation's most visible markets, the occasional dilemma arises. And it was one such dilemma that led me to Jen. I had seen her as a key participant in a WeddingWire World panel discussion and found her to be focused and uncommonly knowledgeable. So when I contacted her seeking her guidance, I was instantly appreciative of her approachability- she was welcoming and warm. But above all, her breadth and depth of experience and intimate knowledge of the wedding industry is unparalleled. When I have the slightest curiosity about anything wedding-related in DC, I turn to Jen."

- Andrew Morrell, Photographer

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